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What is graphic art?
graphic art definition
Graphic art is defined as any type of art that is visually expressed, such as: drawing, photography, and printing, which is the traditional form of fine art, and this type of art is usually applied on flat surfaces.

Graphic art can also be applied in the form of original decorative arts drawings, lines, and patterns when applied to furniture, textiles, ceramics, interiors, and architecture.

The history of graphic art
The history of graphic art goes back to the depths of antiquity, as it began to appear in illustrated manuscripts in ancient China, Egypt, Greece, and Rome, where texts were accompanied by pictures to illustrate written speech, for example the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead.

It is noteworthy that the graphic art developed in the Middle Ages to serve the religious aspect, as manuscripts containing sacred writings were written and drawings and pictures were attached to them to be preserved on sheets of treated animal skins called parchment.

TRANSLATED FROM:shortcut decoration

Graphic art also developed between the tenth and fifteenth centuries in the Islamic era, and Persian miniatures were used to depict human figures, animals, buildings, landscapes, and other decorative patterns.

The Chinese invented wooden molds used for writing, and books printed on paper to replace expensive manuscripts, and in the 18th century the art of graphics developed to become printing graphics using metal sheets that spray ink on paper, and at the beginning of the 19th century printing became a way to spread graphics and decorations to reach More art lovers

Graphic types
Graphic design facilitates the task of delivering information to the recipient, and there are many types of graphics, and they are as follows: Graphic design for visual identity. Graphic design for marketing and advertising.

Graphic design for the user interface. Graphic design for publication. Graphic design for packaging. Animation design. Environmental graphic design. Art and illustration.

graphic design uses
Graphic design is used in many aspects of daily life, and among these uses are the following: designing the identity of companies or factories, and designing their brands. Packaging processes present in all manufactured products, such as; Food, electronic devices, and more.

Printed materials, such as: books, brochures, magazines, and newspapers. Online art development, such as banners, blogs, and website interfaces. Manufacture of album covers. Design titles and graphics for films and television. Garment industry, such as: T-shirt painting and clothing design.

Skills needed to become a graphic designer
Those who wish to work in graphic design must spend some time developing and building basic skills used in design. Among the most important skills to learn are the following: choosing an appropriate color palette for the project, and understanding how the beholder perceives colors in different situations.

Practicing computerized drawing because it is easy to correct errors and make adjustments to it. Practicing communication skills to listen to clients' needs and learn from project owners and experiences. Practicing the skills of targeting the audience to reach a good analysis of people and create an attractive design for them.

Training in typeface skills that help ease reading and use the appropriate font for design. Learn the skill of web development; This is to enable design on content management platforms.

Use design programs on the computer, and learn how to deal with them professionally, such as computer-aided design programs. the reviewer
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