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Effects of litter on Royal Parks wildlife depicted
[Image: _119793892_birdchokingplasticringpull.png]
Images have been released by London's Royal Parks to show the impact of litter on wildlife.

Plastic bags, party balloons and plastic beer pack rings were found on animals in the parks last year, while some habitat was destroyed by fires from barbecues. pgslot gaming

Litter weighing the equivalent of 157 double-decker buses was collected between April 2020 and April 2021.

It costs an average of £1.3m a year to clean the eight Royal Parks.

A plastic bag tightly wrapped around a stag's mouth, a hedgehog caught on film entangled in a party balloon and a cormorant with a plastic beer-pack ring round its neck were among the most distressing images, the charity said.

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